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BHS PD Request Form

Once your Professional Development Request has been approved and includes travel expenses, please fill out the Travel Authorization and Payment/Reimbursement Claim form.

This form is to be filled out both before and after any travel or reimbursement. 

Clicking the link below will bring you to the form in an editable PDF format. 

Required fields are in red. 

The "Authorization Information" section needs to be signed manually for Accounting to accept it.

To get answers to frequently asked questions regarding travel reimbursements, click on the link "Travel FAQ's" below.

Travel FAQ's

Travel Reimbursement Form

Once the form is filled out with estimated expenses, please sign and forward to Vesna. The original form will be returned to you with District pre-approval signatures.

Once travel is completed, fill in all reimbursement details, attach receipts (original and itemized) and forward to Vesna for approval.

The second page of the form contains instructions.



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