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Social Science Teachers

Chin, Jim (650) 558-2899 ex.2836 Social Science Teacher
Erle, Steve (650) 558-2899 Teacher/ITC
Gnass, Joshua (650) 558-2899 ex.5377 (please email, as well, if you can) History Teacher
Medine, Mr. (650) 558-2899 ex.5223 Teacher
Miller, Annie Social Studies Teacher
Mills, Mr. (650) 558-2899 ex.5440 Social Science Teacher
Nelson, Kevin (650) 558-2899 ex.5463 AP Economics
Riley, Michelle (650) 558-2899 ex.2843 Social Studies Teacher, Yearbook Teacher, English Teacher, JV Soccer Coach
Rohrbach, Jen (650) 558-2899 ex.5381 Social Science Teacher
Sullivan, Dave (650) 558-2899 ex.3846 Teacher

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