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2014-2015 BHS Boys Varsity Roster

2  Philip Iniguez
4  Jordan Flores
5  Matt Allen
6  Robin Guevara
7  Josh Levitan
8  Patrick Glynn 
9  Baxter Kindler-Balmy
10  Gio Gomes
11  Tom Rodriguez
12  Alexis Heredia
13  Cameron McCann
14  Ishan Pillai
15  Fernando Sanchez
16  Zack Seniff
17  Sharif Shibli
19  Chris Denney
20  Adrian Caballero
22  Dan Dobson
24  Ben Szaboky
25  Kelly Wakasa
26  Simon Ryme
GK  Lucas Flygare
GK  Jamie Ybarra

Coach: David Siracusa

Coach David Siracusa 


Prabha Szaboky (Team Parent) 



BHS Varsity Boys Soccer

Panthers Prime to Perform in Division III CCS Finals

A thrilling 2-1 overtime win over Soledad High School has ensured that the Burlingame Panthers have moved on to the CCS finals. The final will be played against fellow PAL member Half Moon Bay. The final will take place at 6pm on March 7th at Westmont High School.

Come support your Panthers as they bring a CCS Championship back to BHS.


2012-2013 Season

DSC_8272.jpg DSC_8283.jpg DSC_8305.jpg DSC_8336A.jpg DSC_8383.jpg DSC_8401.jpg DSC_8494.jpg DSC_8606.jpg DSC_8625a.jpg DSC_8640.jpg DSC_8642.jpg DSC_8850.jpg DSC_8888.jpg DSC_8901.jpg DSC_8976.jpg DSC_8997.jpg DSC_9063.jpg DSC_9092a.jpg DSC_9114.jpg DSC_9257.jpg DSC_9259.jpg DSC_9266.jpg DSC_9273.jpg DSC_9439.jpg DSC_9651.jpg DSC_9718.jpg

2012-2013 Season

001.jpg 007a.jpg 008.jpg 011.jpg 012.jpg 016.jpg 018.jpg 021.jpg 022.jpg 024.jpg

12/1/12 photos courtesy of Shalom Jacobovitz

2012-2013 Season

sha_0095 (1).jpg sha_0144 (1).jpg sha_0220 (1).jpg sha_0301 (1).jpg sha_0311 (1).jpg sha_0362 (1).jpg sha_0379 (1).jpg sha_0387 (1).jpg sha_0478 (1).jpg shl_9702 (1).jpg shl_9749 (1).jpg shl_9741 (1).jpg shl_9752 (1).jpg shl_9780 (1).jpg shl_9788 (1).jpg

2012-2013 Season

011_2.jpg 017.jpg 016.jpg 019.jpg 026.jpg 028.jpg 031.jpg 034.jpg 039.jpg 053.jpg 056.jpg 063.jpg 066.jpg 067.jpg 069.jpg 072.jpg 076.jpg 078.jpg 085.jpg 087.jpg 088.jpg 100.jpg 103.jpg 105.jpg

Schedule & Scores


Date Opponent Location



12/20/2014 SF Vikings Crocker Amazon 11:30 am
1/7/2015 El Camino BHS 4:00 pm
1/9/2015 Carlmont BHS 4:00 pm
1/14/2015 Sequoia Sequoia 4:00 pm
1/16/2015 South San Francisco South San Francisco 4:00 pm
1/21/2015 Woodside Woodside 4:00 pm
1/23/2015 Menlo-Atherton BHS 4:00 pm
1/28/2015 Half Moon Bay Half Moon Bay 4:00 pm
1/30/2015 El Camino El Camino 3:00 pm
2/4/2015 Carlmont Carlmont 4:00 pm
2/6/2015 Sequoia BHS 4:00 pm
2/11/2015 South San Francisco BHS 4:00 pm
2/13/2015 Woodside BHS 4:00 pm
2/16/2015 Menlo-Atherton Menlo-Atherton 4:00 pm
2/18/2015 Half Moon Bay BHS 4:00 pm

Boys Soccer Locker

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