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Middle College accepting applications for Fall '13; apply now!

San Mateo Middle College High School, an alternative education program for juniors and seniors in the San Mateo Union High School District, is accepting applications for Fall 2013. The deadline is March 26.

Burlingame students and parents interested in the program can contact the Middle College office. Applications are available on-line or in the Burlingame counseling office and college/career center. 

Middle College, located at College of San Mateo, includes 60 students who take a combination of high school and college classes. These classes are intended to help the student meet high school graduation requirements and college general education requirements. 

The students, who prefer not to attend a traditional high school campus, demonstrate the potential maturity to cope with the freedom of the college environment. Current MCHS graduates are attending University of San Francisco, UCLA, UC Berkeley, San Jose State, UC Davis and College of San Mateo. 

Students are recommended for admission by parents, teachers, guidance counselors and administrators. Other application procedures include student testing for reading and writing, an information meeting with parents, and interviews with students and parents. 

For more information, contact Principal Greg Quigley at 574-6101 or middlecollege@smuhsd.org or visit www.collegeofsanmateo.edu/middlecollege

Posted by: Greg Quigley Published:2/6/13
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