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Databases have arrived at Burlingame!

What are databases?  Databases are like a shopping mall for research.  THEY SAVE YOU VALUABLE TIME! You can search articles on most any topic from a myriad of resources, such as magazines, journals, encyclopedias, books, diaries, educational institutions, museums, news reels, newspapers, archival images,  to name a few.  Each article is peer reviewed before published,  adding to its credibility.  Each article will include its citiation for you to add to your works cited page. Definitely a time saver and A MUST KNOW FOR COLLEGE RESEARCH!

Databases are very expensive, which is why we have only a few, compared to Stanford which has thousands!





Facts On File Database (three sections)
(Username - smuhsd, Password - facts)

Today's Science

Issues & Controversies

Issues & Controversies in American History


Ebsco Host 
Username:  smuhsd  Password: smuhsd)
Your One-Stop Shopping Mall for Research!

This database will provide you with the following topics:

Opinion Articles - Pro/Con
Points of View
Literary Reference Center 
 History Reference Center
Science Reference Center 
 Advanced Placement Source 
NoveList Plus
Teacher Resources


Encyclopedias (We have two!)

World Book Encyclopedia  (Username - Burlingame, Password - panthers 

     Encyclopedia Britannica  (Username - burlingame, Password - panthers


Need help with creating a Work's Cited Page?



Can't find what you are looking for in our school library?  Try the public Library.




Need more articles?
Contains articles from the back issues of over 900 magazines, journals, trade publications and newspapers. Search our online article archive or browse by category list or publication name."