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Library Rules

Library Rules

  • Library resources are available to all BHS students, faculty and staff.  
  • All students must sign in at the circulation desk when using the library except for mornings and during lunch.  
  • Passes are required when visiting from a class. 
  • Students need to have their school IDs (or know their I.D. #) to check out books from the library.
  • Textbooks can be checked out for "in library use only" (Sign-out sheet provided).
  • Fiction and Non-Fiction books are checked out for 3 school weeks, not counting holidays
  • If a book is lost or damaged, the replacement cost will be the fine due.
  • Computer access is for approved sites related to educational purposes only.
  • While using the computers, students can print up to 10 pages per day at no cost.  
  • A copy machine is available to students at no cost.

Students who do not follow the above rules can be asked to leave at any time.