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Pro/Con Articles on Current Event Issues

Facts.com--Issues and Controversies    Username: smuhsd, Password: facts.
Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center  Username: smuhsd, Password: smuhsd
Pro/Con.org  is a site rich with research on controversial issues in a straightforward, nonpartisan, and primarily pro-con format.

Issue Web Sites

Gallup Poll analysis of Public OpinionSearch (upper right corner) for topics using key words for reports on current issues and public opinion.
Almanac of Policy IssuesComprehensive background information and links on major U.S. public policy issues--links to reports and organizations.
SpeakOut.com Check the Activism Centers for background articles and the Links section for more information or to find sites.
GovSpot.comLinks to issues and special interest groups
Public Agenda.comResearch on current issues
Vote-Smart Think Tanks   Organizations that research and work for political change

Burlingame Book Catalog

Search for the following series in the online book catalog:
Information Plus Reference Series
Opposing Viewpoints Series
Current Controversies SeriesH
At Issue Series
Pro/Con Issue Series
Issues in Focus

Database Research Tips and Tricks

INFOTRAC  (BPL Database) Copy and paste this library I.D.# 29047146420441