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Academic Directories


Academic Directories
These directories contain scholarly information that has been reviewed and deemed reliable. They are the best place to find academic information on the internet.
Created by the former chair of Texas Association of School Librarians, this meta-search engine only pulls from databases and resources that are approved by librarians and educators.
Gateway to college and research level Internet resources maintained by a volunteer group of subject specialists.
Collection of academic resources maintained at St. Ambrose University in Iowa.
Large collection of scholarly Internet resources collectively maintained by libraries of the University of California and others. 
Large, selective collection from the University of Michigan.
Searchable interface to major meta-sites in academic disciplines, including AHDS (arts and humanities),SciCentralSOSIG (social sciences) and many more. See also PINAKES, A Subject Launchpad for another way into these sites.
Highly respected guides to many disciplines sponsored by the W3 Consortium.