Burlingame High School

Mission, Goals, and Core Values


Burlingame High School is dedicated to the preparation of academically and socially responsible students.


  • Prepare all students for college and career.
  • Prepare all students to be self-directed and persistent learners.
  • All students demonstrate civic and socially responsible behavior.


  • Treat each other with fairness, compassion and respect, while valuing differences
  • Hold each other to high standards and expectations
  • Support everyone to achieve his or her personal best
  • Respect the learning process and honor improvement
  • Maintain professionalism, a strong work ethic and integrity
  • Encourage the value of humor, play and laughter


Academic Preparation:

  • Students produce evidence of knowledge and problem solving ability by meeting current standards.

(Students gather, evaluate and apply information from a variety of sources.  Students demonstrate creative, competent, appropriate, and ethical use of technology.)

  • Students communicate ideas and information effectively.

(Students read and write critically to exhibit understanding.  Students prepare clear and confident oral, written and artistic presentations)

  • Students prepare themselves to meet the demands of work, school and adult life.

(Students plan and track academic and career goals.  Students employ a variety of learning strategies.  Students collaborate, cooperate and compromise in familiar and unfamiliar situations.)


Social Responsibility:

  • Students respect themselves, the learning environment, the campus and the community.

(Students make healthy life choices.  Students act respectfully toward others.)

  • Students contribute time, energy and talents to their school and community.

(Students take an active part in the societal and cultural life of the school and community.  Students demonstrate the necessary skills to be productive citizens in a democracy.)