Burlingame High School

Course Selection/Scheduling

Burlingame High School recognizes that our students lead busy lives.  Please consider carefully their commitments when deciding if 6 or 7 classes per year is right for your student.

The SMUHSD has a 7 period day to help students who need extra support and those 9th or 10th graders who want an elective in their school day.

Students who take 6 periods a year (60 credits) over the four years of high school (60 x 4 = 240 credits) and pass them all will have more than enough credits to graduate on time with their class.  The requirement for graduation is 220 credits.  A 7th class in any year is extra, for support or elective enrollment.

Please understand that the school day is from 8am to 3:12pm and students need to be available during this time frame for classes even if they have fewer than 7 classes.

SMUHSD Graduation Requirement

Course Description Guide
The BHS Course Description Guide is a document which describes all the courses taught at BHS, their prerequisites, suggested preparation, and homework load.

Graduation Requirements and College Entrance Requirements